Why do one when you can do three.

Being efficient in Woodworking  is everything and being able to make three of an identical  Wood Gate  at same time ,allows more efficient use of setups.

Custom Old Growth Cypress Console Table

This Old Growth Cypress  Console Table in the finishing  room today  . This is the sixth version for high end furniture store in Sarasota Florida . Look for the template on top of table , i now do a full  build of these tables from that template . The rest of the numbers are from memory .


Custom Driveway Gate on Longboat Key ,Florida

This Wood Driveway Gate spans about 12ft. Finish used is Sansin sdf. Sansin is one of a few products that offer a breathable top coat, critical for outdoor exposure with wood products.

We make custom Garden, Pedestrian and Driveway Gates for the Florida and Southeast area.

Cypress Driveway Gate

Custom Door in Bradenton Florida

Unique Door with real ship port light . This door has certification for wind-load and impact resistance . Door located in historic Cortez  fishing  village ,Florida  . We can make unique custom doors of any kind for the Tampa Bay area including Sarasota  south to Naples Florida .

Custom Doors for Sarasota and Bradenton Florida

We have  been  busy building a multitude of Custom Doors throughout Tampa Bay .

Custom Sapele Doors Bradenton ,Florida

These Doors under construction meet Florida building code for impact and wind . Sapele is a  fine Exotic hardwood that is replacing Mahogany for its close resemblance but not the Mahogany prices . These Doors will end up on new construction on Anna Maria Island .

Custom Wood Gates in Sarasota and Tampa Florida

Recent Custom Gates installed . Both are distressed  . Saplele Gate finished with Sikkens Cetal oil based stain . Cypress Gate finished with Benjamin Moore water based stain .

Custom Door in Sarasota ,Florida

Latest Custom Door   made  and installed in Sarasota , Florida.. Door is made from Sapele hardwood . This door has wind and impact approval .  Heavy /medium Distressed and  Finished with Sikkens door and window sealer .



Cypress Wood Driveway Gate To West Palm Beach ,Florida

Another Wood Driveway Gate  made in Sarasota/Bradenton  waiting  to be  shipped  to West Palm Beach area of Florida. This and other similar  wood designs need metal frame mounted at rear for automation . This Wood Gate  is engineered for Florida climate ..We use a excellent  local  shipping company dedicated to personal service . Our Garden , Pedestrain  and Driveway Gates  can be shipped anywhere in Florida ..


Custom Wood Gate in Sarasota,Florida

Custom Wood Gate’s offer a challenge in Florida due to the humid wet summer . Without careful design and fabrication premature failure  is  guaranteed .

The   worn  out  Gate above was built by others without respect to gravity using screws to join wood members .This allowed separation of wood members over time causing   the Gate to sag ,  Eventually water  penetrates into cracks that form  . Over time these cracks  become larger holding moisture longer  allowing rot to form ..



The process for building a high quality Gate is time consuming but more important is understanding how wood and weather interact . I  use design and fabrication techniques that are superior to common methods .


I have built many Gates throughout  Tampa Bay ,West Palm Beach and  the Miami area .

I build all sizes of Garden and Pedestrian Gates . Custom Designs are my specialty.