Reclaimed cypress weathers well

Several years ago I was asked to make a Wiederweave ™ fence and gate using my reclaimed cypress.  This cypress fence and gate was placed in one of the most harsh areas of Anna Maria Island , Florida probably in all of Manatee County. Florida.  It is approximately 100 feet off the southern end of Tampa Bay at the very north end of the island.  It is well known for  the ferocity  of the winds that blow from Tampa Bay especially in the winter months.   In addition to the winds since this is so close to the water the high humidly and salt air wrecks havoc on wood or anything else for that matter.

Its been a few years since I inspected my creation and wondered how well it had held up in such a hostile location.   The client and I intentionally selected a design that would handle the winds.  The  client did not want the fence or  garden gate sealed but allowed to weather naturally which I was a little apprehensive about being in such a nasty area for wood.

As you can see by this recent photo the fence and garden gate turned a beautiful silver /grey . Generally only pure heartwood from any wood specious will weather to uniform silver/grey.  If there  is sapwood present it usually will develop mold if not treated or sealed. The posts are P.T. pine . Back then that’s what I did but now I use cypress posts  in the ground with proven preservation techniques.   The fence and garden gate are performing beyond my expectations  and  my client is extremely happy with the investment.

Unique reclaimed  cypress woven fence and gate .. no staining and sealer .Fence and gate weathered to a gentle silver grey . Anna maria ,Florida

Unique reclaimed cypress  Wiederweave   woven fence  and gate .. no staining and sealer .Fence and gate weathered to a gentle silver grey . Anna maria ,Florida