Reclaimed Pecky Cypress Round Table


I am thinking of  following through with this design i drew a few years ago ,using slightly curved struts on base .. Tired  of the straight version .. Not sure about using Pecky Cypress  as drawn but using regular clear grade  Reclaimed Cypress instead . I know i could easily sell this  Wood  Round  Table in the Sarasota and Bradenton Area or even throughout  the Tampa Bay area .

Reclaimed Cypress Dining Room Table

This Reclaimed Cypress Table is as simple as it gets ..You could call it a minimalist table . Measure 42 inch width  X  96″ length. With extensions measure 124 inches in length…I  am going to be on a table making “kick” with all the Old  Growth Cypress i got this year .. ..Will  probably finish this Dining Table   a nice  black walnut  stain with  dull rubbed top coat . i thought the greyed out  cedar driftwood looked nice against the old cypress .I should do something about that …


Reclaimed Cypress Table Bradenton ,Sarasota Florida.

Now this is strange .. I have wide Cypress boards that i rip in half ,flatten  then glue back together to keep the  same figure from original board . For this fabrication i needed  to glue-up 8 boards . I first jointed one edge then sawed other side and again  jointed that  edge ..I planned on having up to extra inch in total glued up (rough)width then rip to the 42″ final width designed for this  Cypress Table .

Each board was a little different in width . i knew this from sawing ..but was not concerned keeping track of each board .. .. When i glued them  all up (in photo ) i put a tape measure to the width of table Top , at both ends, to find out both ends were exactly 42″ …i doubt that ever happens to this Woodworker again .


Wiederweave Woven Wood Room Screen

Apparently the staff down at Pecky Interiors,downtown Sarasota ,Florida like my Woven Wood Art. I had a pleasant surprise to find it in the high rent area of shop ..that is , the front window for all to see .

Cypress Sliding Driveway Gate

This  17 foot  Cypress Gate Panel ,which will be married to aluminum frame for automation, is going to  Miami,  Florida area . I treat all my outdoor wood products with special wood stabilizer that greatly improves performance over the years ..I pride myself on the ‘process’ for making .. To illustrate that, look at photo of end of gate ,its perfectly balanced and resting on just about 2 inch thick bottom rail without any supports and with a fan blowing …without risk ,no adventure ..

Cypress Wood White Wash Wall

Completed this White Wash Wall last week . The client wanted the Wood Wall as simple as possible ,no end caps or molding to cover up ends and edges .  Made sure each Cypress board was at the ideal moisture content  and with precision  cutting it came out nice . ..( I allowed for minimal shrinkage ). Client is very happy ,so am i .

Woven Wood Room Screens

The Woven wood panels  or Wiederweave have a lime wax type finish . The woven wood are 3/4 inch thick ..This Room divider or screen will be displayed at PECKY fine interiors downtown Sarasota ..I plan on using the same style of finishing with different colors found in chalk paints ..

Custom Cypress Garden Gate on Siesta Key ,Florida

Just completed this custom woodworking project today the last day of 2015 . This Garden Gate has full wrap around Cypress jamb mounted in  enclosed masonry  wall opening .



Faux Distressed Barn Wood Mirror Frames..


Recently i was asked to make grey Barn-wood mirror frames for hotel in Jamaica . After locating vendor for material i was shocked to learn at the huge price increase for this reclaimed wood  . This job was on a two week turn around schedule so getting enough material and fair price  quickly was not realistic .

i suggested i make Faux frames heavily distressed and client went with it . ..i think i got it right as others commented that those ‘old’ frames looked cool ..:)


Tools for Custom Woodworker

Straight lining  long Oak board for milling ..Large  production mill shops have special , expensive machines for this . Small shops like mine do not have the room for some of these industrial equipment .. So , you get a Festool  track saw that can cut almost 3 inches deep without hesitation.. No complaints..