Cypress Gates: Garden, Pedestrian, and Driveway

IMG_2621-1Wiederhold Creations designs and builds wood garden, pedestrian, and driveway gates with the same craftsmanship we use for a high-end entryway door. Our gates are meant to last without the hassles common to inferior gates.

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We offer design service for any style of gate. This includes custom sizes and collaboration for automation and installation. We understand that a beautiful gate is the first design statement for your home.

Unfortunately, most lumber today is not suitable for outdoor exposure, especially in Florida’s hot, moist climate. And if you use inferior wood, it requires preservation chemicals such as pressure treating, which can have health and environmental issues. In order to build high quality, long lasting outdoor gates, Wiederhold Creations uses Recovered cypress, Reclaimed cypress,  second growth Cypress and Sapele

And because we take outdoor exposure seriously, we use the latest technology for safe wood preservation and design gates that shed water.

Recovered and Reclaimed Cypress

Recovered or reclaimed cypress is Cypress that has be recovered from old buildings or from sunken cypress river logs. Recovered Cypress is pure virgin growth heartwood and perfect for Florida’s moist climate, which is very hard on wood. Currently, Reclaimed Cypress is very difficult to find, but Wiederhold Creations has made it a priority to find and stockpile this rare resource . Price  is high  .

Second Growth Cypress

Using second growth Cypress, we can build beautiful Cypress gates at an affordable price. Second growth Cypress lumber is lumber from Cypress trees that are recently  harvested using sustainable practices. Price  is moderate


Sapele comes from the Republic of the  Congo in Africa . Sapele is a replacement for Genuine mahogany and much more dense .  Sapele makes a beautiful  Gate if you like that Mahogany look . This wood is extremely stable and weathers very well. Price is moderate