Reclaimed Cypress Table Bradenton ,Sarasota Florida.

Now this is strange .. I have wide Cypress boards that i rip in half ,flatten  then glue back together to keep the  same figure from original board . For this fabrication i needed  to glue-up 8 boards . I first jointed one edge then sawed other side and again  jointed that  edge ..I planned on having up to extra inch in total glued up (rough)width then rip to the 42″ final width designed for this  Cypress Table .

Each board was a little different in width . i knew this from sawing ..but was not concerned keeping track of each board .. .. When i glued them  all up (in photo ) i put a tape measure to the width of table Top , at both ends, to find out both ends were exactly 42″ …i doubt that ever happens to this Woodworker again .